Monday, March 4, 2013

News and an epiphany!

Hi all!

So first, the news: "The Art of Love" Book 3 in my Fabulous Four series is now available for sale as an e-book on both Kindle and Nook (with a fabulous cover, once again designed by my friend, Abra Ebner)!

I am so excited and relieve to finally have it done so I can focus my attention on my other projects, namely Book 4 ("Tender Awakenings") and the second installment in my paranormal romance series as well as a book of romantic short stories called "Homecoming".

Many thanks to my family for their patience while I wrote and edited "The Art of Love", as well as to my faithful know who you are!

Now for my epiphany: It recently occurred to me that I have been going about this blogging thing all wrong. I've felt like it was a burden and often wondered how others kept up with it on a regular basis. Don't they have a life like me, full of commitments like work and family? Then I realized what I had been missing all along: my posts don't just need to be about my books, do they? I can write about whatever I want and, if you're interested, you'll read it. Why not share anecdotes about my daily life, etc? It's certainly sometimes more interesting than what I'm reading or what I'm writing about least to me. So here is something small, non-book/writing related:

Our middle child is 8 today, so a big shout out to our Maddie Mooks!  We love you infinity and beyond!

Anyway, until next time, go get "The Art of Love", and...

Happy reading!

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