Sunday, July 1, 2012

New covers and updates on new titles!

Hi all!

I am so excited to announce the release of new covers for my previously published books, "Second Chances" and "When We Meet Again"!  I impulsively decided to give them an update and am so pleased with the results.  Abra Ebner, a fellow author and friend, redesigned them for me with fabulous results. 

Abra also did my covers for the next two books in the series, "The Art of Love" and "Tender Awakening".   Here is a sneak peak at those:

"The Art of Love" should be available as a paperback as well as via Kindle by the end of this summer, along with a separate release of three short stories not related to the series.  The short stories (Homecoming, The Apartment, and The Empty House) will be published in one volume called "Home, Sweet Home".  The cover for that was also designed guessed it: Abra!

Enjoy the new covers and stay tuned for future updates and more frequent posts as I prepare to release "The Art of Love" and "Home, Sweet Home" in the coming months!

Happy reading!

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