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"The Ultimate Lie" - a Twilight-inspired fan fiction short story

Fact:  I am a huge "Twilight" fan. 

I absolutely loved the books, despite the fact that I am much older than the targeted audience.  I related with the story, remembering the angst of first love: the feelings of inadequacy; the tunnel vision of loving someone so much that the rest of the world ceases to matter.  Of course, my Edward was human (sadly not a vampire) but the feelings were all the same, except that my story ended at the point in "New Moon" when Bella comes out of her spiraling depression to join the world of the living.  I never got my Edward back, but guess what?  I survived!  And now I am married to the best guy there is, so I suppose that means that I did get my happy ending after all!

Anyway, back to my original point:  I am a huge "Twilight" fan. 

As such, a couple of years ago, I joined the millions of people out there who avidly began following the books, then the movies, and all of the hype via the Internet.  I found tons of fan sites, and especially of interest to me, fan fiction sites.  Places where fans went to write their own versions of the books, of parts of the books, and continuations of the books.  Some were well written and many were not, but the one thing they all had in common was the shared passion for all things "Twilight".

Two specific pieces stand out as my favorites although there are plenty to choose from, so here are links to those.  The best site I found for these and with the biggest selection is Fan Fiction DOT Net.

"Seducing Miss Swan":


Finally, in my obsession with "Twilight", I also found a site that hosted monthly writing contests for fan fiction, and so I entered one month for a hoot.  I did not win, but I had so much fun writing my piece that it didn't really matter to me.  The story is set immediately after Edward leaves Bela in "New Moon" and is from his POV.  I've decided to share it here figuring someone out there might enjoy it.  I hope that someone is you!

Happy reading!

The Ultimate Lie
Text Copyright ©2009 by Christina Corlett
(“The Ultimate Lie” is based upon the characters of Stephenie Meyer. All characters and situations other than my own are sole property of Stephenie Meyer.)

Setting:  immediately after Edward leaves Bella in the forest in New Moon
POV:  Edward

I stopped short in the middle of the forest.  I had been running for several minutes and, of course, I wasn’t breathless, for this came easily to me, like so many other things. 
Yet my chest was heaving.  I gasped as if each breath were a struggle.  My skin felt clammy.  My eyes burned and a sob tore from my chest.  If I could cry, the tears would be pouring from me in proverbial buckets. 
If I had a heart, it would be shattered into a million pieces.
I had done the unspeakable.  I had gone against everything I believed in, everything that made me who I am. 
As of today, Edward Cullen would cease to exist, for I had killed him as surely as if the Volturi had swooped in and torn him apart.
For I had lied to the one person in all of eternity to whom I had vowed to love forever.  Lied to the one person who completed me like no other I had ever dreamed could.
Today I told Isabella Swan that I did not want her, that she was no good for me. 
No good for me?  She was perfect for me.
She was what I had been waiting for since I could remember, even before I entered my immortal life.  She was my destiny.  My sole reason for existing, and yet I had spurned her today, lied to her as if my life depended on it. 
It had taken all of my will power to walk away from her today after telling her my flagrant lies.  Lies that were the worse blasphemy I had ever had the misfortune of hearing or speaking.
I loved Bella more than my very own existence.  She was the light in my eternal darkness, the melody in my music.  Without her I ceased to exist.  I had thought that high school was purgatory and that being immortal was like living in the seventh circle of hell, but my life without Bella would be infinitely worse.
And yet I had lied to her because I believed that it would save her life.  It would be the best thing I could ever do for her. I truly believed that she was better off without me.  I wanted her to live her human life to its fullest without the impediments my life would bring to hers.
I stopped before the great white house that had, for these past two years, been a home to my family and me.  It had been a work of love for Esme, but I knew that my actions today would take us all away from this place.  My family would have to relocate, begin again, based on my decision to save Bella from a fate worse than death:  a life with me.
I wasn’t looking forward to having to tell them what had happened.  I could predict their reactions as if they were my own.  Alice would have seen it coming, as I had been decided on this course of action for the past couple of days.   She had been particularly quiet lately, keeping out of my affairs.  Perhaps she had been hoping that Bella might change my mind. 
Jasper would worry about Alice and simultaneously try to assuage my pain.  Emmett would be against my decision.  His black-and-white view of the world would not allow him to see it any other way.  I had to stay with Bella because I had already been alone for almost my entire lifetime and clearly that had not worked for me.  Rosalie would be enraged because my decision would force her to have to start high school all over again, something that she despised beyond all else. 
Carlisle and Esme would be the hardest for me to endure.  They would be worried and disappointed.  They meant the world to me, beside Bella, and so their reactions would make this decision that much harder to live with.
I could hear voices inside as I approached, raised in concern, arguing.  As soon as I stepped onto the driveway, the voices fell silent.  I sighed deeply as I approached the house.  The impending scene was unavoidable, so I took a deep breath and walked in.
They were all gathered in the dining room, at the large table that was only ever used for meetings such as this.  They were together in couples:  Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme.  I stood alone at the foot of the table, taking in their varied expressions.
Carlisle spoke first.
“Edward, are you alright?” he asked, concern wrinkling his marble brow.
“Oh for Christ’s sake!  Can we be done with the niceties?  What the hell is going on here, Edward?  Why is Alice telling us that we are leaving Forks?  Because I have to tell you that I am not happy that because of Bella Swan, I now have to uproot my entire life.  I told you all from the beginning that getting involved with her was a mistake.”  Rosalie ended her tirade with a disgruntled sigh.  Emmett placed a steadying hand on his mate’s shoulder.
I stiffened at her words, my anger spilled over into fury, which I gladly directed at Rose.
“Oh, and God forbid Rose’s life is disrupted!  God forbid she has to exert any extra effort, be inconvenienced in any way.  You know what, Rose?  You are a selfish witch and I don’t know what Emmett sees in you!”  I ground out, feeling instantly sorry for my harsh words.  Emmett growled in my direction as he ran a soothing hand over Rose’s arm.
“Oh, such harsh words, Edward!  What’s the matter?  Did Bella dump you?” she jeered, flipping her long blond hair over her shoulder.
Her words hurt, even though they were far off the mark.  It certainly felt as if Bella had dumped me.  The look on her face, as I had told her that I was leaving her, cut into my soul again.  I hunched my shoulders as if I was bearing a heavy burden.
“Enough!” Esme cried out.  “Can’t you see that he is in pain?”  She chastised Rosalie and then turned toward me, her face creased with worry and sorrow.
“Edward, my child, what happened with Bella tonight?  Alice has had us all so worried.”  She looked so small and fragile.  I hated to hurt her, to disappoint her.  She had been so happy when I found Bella after all this time.  She didn’t want me to be alone anymore.  But now that hope was gone.
“I left her, Esme,” I whispered.  Esme’s face was a mask of confusion, but it was Jasper who spoke.
“Edward, I can feel your pain.  It runs deep.  Why on earth would you leave Bella if it makes you feel this way?”  He looked confused and for once he wasn’t trying to influence my feelings, to take away the pain.  He probably wanted to know why before he did so.
“It’s for her own good.  She isn’t safe with us around.  If she is going to have a normal life, we need to leave.  Go somewhere far away, where nothing from our monstrous existence can harm her ever again.”  The words tore from me, leaving me weak in their wake.
“But Edward, she is going to be one of us.  I saw it and it was clear.  We can protect her from whatever comes her way until that time,” Alice protested in her tinkling voice.  Jasper nodded behind her.
“No Alice!  Your visions are subjective.  Bella wants to be one of us but that can’t happen.  I won’t allow it!  I won’t take away her soul, curse her to our existence!  She deserves better than that. She deserves better than me,” I ended weakly.
“But Edward,” Esme began but I cut her off.
“NO!  No, dammit!  This is the way it has to be!  Don’t you understand!  I couldn’t live with myself if anything else happens to her!  We have to leave, now!”  I bellowed, my anguish tearing at me.
“Edward, don’t you dare raise your voice at your mother!” Carlisle chastised me.  “I know you are in pain right now but that does not give you the right to be disrespectful.”  Carlisle was stern, as close to angry as I had ever seen him.
“I’m sorry, Mom, but please try to understand,” I pleaded contritely, looking into Esme’s eyes. 
I do, son.  I just want you to be happy.  Bella is your other half.  Can’t you make it work?  Please? For me? 
My heart wrenched at the thought of hurting Esme but I had resigned myself to my decision.  I shook my head imperceptibly.  She slumped in defeat.
I shifted my gaze to Alice.
Why are you fighting this, Edward?  It is going to happen.  Bella will be one of us, no matter what you say or do.
My eyes flared at her silent words and I contemplated shaking her but Jasper straightened and shot me a dark look.
Back off, Edward, he thought.
“Well, son, if this is what you think is best, then we will respect your decision.  I can contact the hospital and we can be gone by nightfall.”  Carlisle paused and so I raised my eyes to his.  He pierced me with his amber eyes.  Are you sure?
“Yes,” I whispered in a broken voice.  “Please, let’s just go.”
There was a collective sigh around the table and then my family dispersed, moving to once again pack up their lives and begin again.
I was not happy that I was the cause of their unhappiness but I was determined to save the woman I loved.
And love Bella Swan I did.  Telling her otherwise had been the ultimate lie.
So with one last glance around my home, I ran up the stairs to pack my belongings and leave Forks, and Bella, forever.

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